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South Carolina is a beautiful place to live and work in, with some of the highest quality paving contractors. With our experience, equipment, and ability to get jobs done right the first time, we are the pavers that residents of South Carolina can rely on. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, from new construction to maintenance, businesses and homeowners count on us to deliver the superior craftsmanship they need!

What We Can Do For You

If your paved area looks old and worn, and it’s time for a repair or replacement, call our asphalt paving contractor for an estimate. We have plenty of options for asphalt driveways and parking lots, with customizable options to suit every usage requirement.

The first step is picking the right asphalt mixture for your specific needs. We can help you choose the color and texture to go with whatever style you’re looking for, whether it’s standard black asphalt or something fancier.


Safety First!

Regardless of the type of paving services you require, make sure to use a fully qualified and insured professional to complete the job correctly. This will keep both you and the contractors safe. It also provides peace of mind that the job will be done correctly and you will have a safe paved surface to use for years to come.


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Residential and Commercial Paving Services

in Columbia SC

As top paving contractors in Columbia, SC we strive to serve our customers with the highest quality of services in Columbia and the surrounding areas! Read on for the services we provide for homeowners, business owners, and property managers.


Parking Lot Paving

We are experts at designing, constructing, and maintaining your parking lot with the finest asphalt paving materials. Our services include asphalt installation, repair, and maintenance. The smooth surface of asphalt is proven to have superior durability & safety while also having great drainage capability. Park with us, and we’ll keep your customers & employees safe!


Asphalt Repair & Replacement

Our professional paving contractors understand pavement maintenance better than anyone else. We’ll make sure your asphalt looks and performs good as new. By filling cracks in your pavement, fixing potholes, repairing damage, and sealing everything to keep new damage from happening, you can be assured your pavement is ready to stand up to fresh wear & tear.


Parking Lot Striping

Our parking lot striping service is here to make your customer’s parking experience as easy and seamless as possible. Our crew paints vibrant, clear lines that conform to industry standards. With our fast and cost-effective services, you’ll never need to worry about faded, unsightly lines. No matter how big or small your lot – we’ve got an affordable solution that will work perfectly for you!


Residential Asphalt

When your driveway needs a refresh, our paving contractors can give your home that fresh coat of blacktop that boosts curb appeal and homecoming comfort. We also offer asphalt repair, and asphalt driveway maintenance. With our asphalt paving contractors, you’ll know your asphalt driveway is in good hands!


Asphalt Sealcoating

Sealcoating protects your asphalt driveway, parking lot, and other pavement from harmful elements. It creates a protective barrier between the elements and your asphalt surface. By extending the life of your asphalt, it saves you money in the long run. You can count on our sealcoating specialists to deliver results that last.


Commercial Asphalt

Our commercial paving contractors provide the long-lasting and cost-effective options for parking lots that many business owners in South Carolina are looking for. There are so many benefits to asphalt paving, including its long lasting durability. Now all you need to do is take the first step towards bettering your company’s asphalt!

The Right Asphalt Mixture For You

Our paving contractors are familiar with the following paving materials and can advise you on which is best for your project in Columbia, South Carolina. 


Hot-mix asphalt is generally used where professional strength and the longest-lasting pavement is required. The process involves heating the components to an optimum temperature. It can only be laid when the weather is warm enough, though, shortening the window in which it can be installed. Hot-mix asphalt pavement is one of the best types for durability and longevity in South Carolina!

Cold-Mix & Warm-Mix

Cold-Mix asphalt is used for patching and low traffic roads. Warm-Mix asphalt is a durable solution that can still be poured as weather turns cooler. Both are considered more environmentally friendly because they consume less energy in the heating process. They are also ideal for situations where mixing on-site is optimal.


Seal coat is thin layer of asphalt, coal tar, or an emulsion that promotes longevity for your pavement. It creates a barrier between your asphalt base and the elements – like UV rays, oil spills, and water infiltration. By being a sealing barrier it reduces the rate at which the asphalt becomes brittle and hard, extending the overall life of your pavement.

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